A fun micro web app that models a linguistics process called expletive infixation. In other words, it allows you to convert “An absolutely fantastic day” to “An abso-flippin-lutely fan-flippin-tastic day”.

  • Technologies: Python, Node, React
  • Integrations: Prosodic, m2m-aligner
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Touch Bar Preset

An open source Touch Bar replacement designed for power users. Built on top of BetterTouchTool using macOS command line utilities written in Objective-C and controller shell scripts.

  • Technologies: Objective-C, Shell Script
  • Integrations: BetterTouchTool, EventKit, AudioToolbox
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Carbon Call

A virtual receptionist to screen phone calls and block spam. Works with existing phone numbers by using call forwarding and speech recognition. Provides hold music and voicemail functionality.

  • Technologies: Python, Objective-C
  • Integrations: Selenium, Google Cloud Platform Speech, Google Voice
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Transfer Spotify playlists to your Apple Watch for offline playback. Support for Siri, hands-free gesture controls, and remote control of music on your phone. Taken down and then acqui-hired by Spotify.